What We Do

ID Network develops products and services in cooperation with the world’s leading technology manufacturer Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

ID Network solutions make facilities safer and the time spent more efficient. Our solutions enable to save time on activities that are now performed electronically and automatically. Card readers enable timely identification of non-compliance to compulsory attendance and this information to be passed to relevant parties – supervisor, manager and other relevant personnel. Immediate appropriate action helps reduce non-compliance related issues.

Compatibility with official information systems available in diferent countries and security and alarm devices significantly improves the users’ ability to react in a situation of crisis. Clear, accurate and timely information exchange between different parties provides greater levels of safety to users.

Furthermore, e-services enable users to save the costs of lighting, heating, office supplies, food and overall energy consumption through more precise forecasting and application. An eco-friendly way of life.

E-ID Card

E-ID card is more than a plastic proof of user status. The electronic ID card enables access to buildings, rooms and areas and person related services whilst recording usage data of these services. The same card enables users to access different buildings, open locked doors, register to various events, borrow books from the library, use public transport or buy meals in the canteen.

M-ID Card

M-ID card in a smart phone. All that is required to gain access to all implemented mobile services is downloading a m-card application to a smart phone. The same services as described for the e-ID card solution also apply to the m-ID.

M-card application complies to all security requirements, and enables operative exchange of security information and other urgent messages in addition to ordinary information exchange.

Loyalty Cards

To buy a meal at the canteen or cafeteria the e- or m-ID holder only needs to swipe their card in the reader or register the meal in the mobile application. Live information about the menu and orders is displayed on the screens mounted in the canteen/cafeteria. The system keeps count of free meals and charged extras. Recorded information can easily be transferred to most accounting programs and be used to more precisely forecast the number of meals for the following.

Library / Rental

e-ID replaces among others also the library or rental card. Upon swiping, the card system identifies the user, allows access to relevant databases, enables rented item to be borrowed and keeps corresponding records up to date. The card readers can be programmed to record usability of the services, and the collected information can be used to improve the services provided.

Locker System

For safe storage of personal belongings in the buildings lockers can be equipped with e-ID readers. Lockers can be assigned for a certain period of time to a certain e-ID and reprogrammed to respond to another ID after the end of the period. Similarly access to locked cloak rooms and wardrobes can be granted where applicable. The e-ID enables secure and safe storage solutions for users.

Smart Locks

Smart locks increase security at any institution or facility. Electronic card readers and locks on doors allow larger scrutiny over entry to premises and its different spaces. Cards can be programmed according to the needs of the role (employee, manager, supervisor, maintenance or other personnel) or at an individual level. If necessary, the smart locks can also be programmed to collect and store access data for timekeeping of personnel or attendance of personnel. In case of fire alarm the doors of emergency exits open automatically.

Monitoring Attendance

Organizers no longer need to spend their time taking the attendance register. The attendance tab or smartphone registers the attendance of a user through the application automatically. E-ID holders need to swipe their cards to register in a room or event, m-ID holders are registered from distance. Where applicable the attendance information can be transferred to online management systems.


The e- and m-ID also function as public transportation cards. In cases where the local public transport system allows, the e-ID card can be programmed to allow access to public transport. The card holder swipes the card at a reader and is given the right to ride like other public transportation card. The system can be used as core solution for public transportation service.

Where shuttle services are implemented the e- and m-ID solutions can be set up to improve the service provided. Not only can the ID act as proof of the right for a ride, but also allows a live overview of entered, exited and total number of passengers at every stop.

The route, driving time and passenger information are recorded by the GPS connected to the e-card solution. The system allows separate accounting and reports of different users. While the passenger information is safe, the collected data can be used to enhance routes and schedules to improve service to customers.

Fire and security alarm & evacuation

Applied e-services allow automatic forwarding of information about fire and security alarms through the security equipment installed. A corresponding notification is immediately displayed on the main unit (tab) applications enabling immediate appropriate action to be taken.

The alarm can be activated with a limited number of taps on the screen. In case of fire alarm and evacuation, for example, the system uses attendance information to check if all registered employees have arrived at the evacuation area.

Cloud Services

All described services are cloud based and enable the user to access services independently of the user’s physical location. The cloud enables easy accounting of all implemented services and compiling reports as required. cloud services comply to all security requirements and can be programmed for individual needs. In addition to those services already described, further amenities such as vending and coffee machines, cloud printers and others can be integrated to the same card systems. All cloud services comply to all security requirements and can be programmed for individual needs.